einfach starten,
sicher wachsen.
einfach starten,
sicher wachsen.
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Founding a company

"Being well prepared is the first step towards success!"

You have to prepare the start of your Business well because you are laying the foundations for the successful development of your Business in the pre-founding phase. We will support and help you to get started.
Free of charge and individually!

How does is work? 

  1. In the pre-founding-phase the idea behind your start-up has to be defined and the founding of your business
  2. has to be planned in detail.
  3. The next step, the actual founding phase, comprises the implementation of your plans – fromthe registration of your businessto the establishment of your corporate structure.
  4. After successful set-up you have to establish your enterprise on the market and to ensure successful further development of your enterprise.

Cash for your business idea!

By means of the riz up GENIUS Ideas- and Youth Awards riz up honours the most innovative and creative ideas of founders, start-ups and young researchers. Take the opportunity to present your idea to a panel of experts. You are given the chance to attract public attention and to raise money for your idea.

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